The hypocrisy of Thomas Stocker

IPCC WG1 co-chair Thomas Stocker has written an attack on “global warming deniers”. He proposes the conspiracy theory that there is a “concerted campaign to isolate individual scientists and destroy them”. (Is he perhaps referring to the vilification of Bengtsson?)

Speaking of the 15-year pause in warming, Stocker says

“It is perfectly legitimate to ask such questions. Normally, you would expect a debate in which arguments would be considered and then we’d come to a conclusion. But unfortunately, sceptics have not followed that scientific approach.”

This is a staggering hypocritical remark in view of the way in which Stocker himself presented the temperature data at the launch of AR5 WG1. Instead of asking questions and having a debate, it was Stocker himself who did not follow that scientific approach. He truncated Fig SPM1a, showing only the lower half of the figure with decadal averages, hiding the decline in warming from his audience.


1 thought on “The hypocrisy of Thomas Stocker

  1. And for good measure, of course, Stocker throws in the never-substantiated Mannian “death threats” meme. Quelle surprise, eh?!

    My guess is he’s on a campaign to move up the IPCC ranks to replace Pachauri. And from an articulate impromptu speaker perspective, he’s far more savvy and articulate than Pachauri (well, who wouldn’t be, eh?!)

    But Stocker does have a rather unfortunate tendency – and long history – of speaking out of both sides of his hypocritical mouth. [Evidence available on request!]

    And he’s not very good at simple mathematics, either. See IPCC’s Thomas Stocker’s new, improved math

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