Climate propagandists RTCC delete thousands of blog comments

One of the many climate activist groups churning out propaganda, formerly known as RTCC (Responding to Climate Change), have completely revamped their website and changed their name to Climate Home, as explained in an introductory article by their director Ed King.

King shows his usual standards of integrity and openness by failing to mention the main change – which is that their articles no longer allow comments.  Worse still, all the old articles still exist in the new system, but the comments seem to have been deleted.

The old version of the pages, with comments,  cannot be found on the Internet Archive, because RTCC blocked it from search in their site. At the time of writing, they are available in Google’s cache – for example this article misrepresenting the Quentin Letts programme on the Met Office (no comments) can be found in the old form here (154 comments). But this will probably disappear very soon, as Google refreshes its cache. So if there are any comments or threads you want to save, do so now using Google’s cache.

Most of the articles at RTCC did not have as many comments as the one linked above, though this recent one had 93 comments, so it seems that several thousand comments must have been deleted.  Of course, not all of these comments were of vital importance to preserve for posterity,  but many were carefully argued with supporting links, such as many like this from Robin Guenier:


Oil funding

Since the issue of organisations that mislead the public on climate change being supported by oil companies has been in the news recently, it seems approriate to mention that sponsors of RTCC / Climate Home include  Pacific Energy, a company that describes itself as a leading explorer and producer of natural gas and crude oil. Perhaps some kind of corruption investigation is called for.

8 thoughts on “Climate propagandists RTCC delete thousands of blog comments

  1. There are now very few sites on the internet where sceptic comments do not dominate … except those sites which either ban sceptics (e.g. UK Guardian) or those that just don’t allow comments at all.

    So, it is just an unfortunate facet of winning the climate war … first they claim the science is no their side, but when it isn’t, they claim a “consensus”. But when that falls apart they launch ad hom attacks. And when those fail and the sceptics just dominate the comments … then they ban us, but when they discover it’s not just one or two sceptics but everyone’s a sceptic these days … they ban comments entirely.

    … and we win.

  2. “it seems approriate to mention that sponsors of RTCC / Climate Home include Pacific Energy, a company that describes itself as a leading explorer and producer of natural gas and crude oil. ”

    Who benefits from rising energy and specifically oil prices? Who are amongst the biggest investors of wind? Who when I wrote to all the top companies asking for money to support a sceptic organisation didn’t even bother to write back let alone give us money?

    If there is a racket going on, it is not oil companies funding sceptics, it is oil companies funding alarmists in order to drive up the price of oil and pocket huge amounts of money at the expense of the public.

  3. I agree with Scottish Sceptic that the deletion of comments is likely to be a way of hiding the lack of supporting posts. Russell has taken to pimping his site at BH in the hope he’ll get some visitors. The only proponent blog doing well at the moment is ATTP and that’s because he allows SOME people to post sceptic comments. He’s smart enough to throw the lions a few Christians to keep them happy. I had to self-ban myself because the lack of comprehension for even the simplest of concepts was very frustrating. I also recognised that posting there was encouraging them.

    It’s curious how little proponents have to say to each other on climate change. I think it’s because they don’t appreciate how much impact cutting CO2 would have on their lives (if they were actually putting their CO2 where their mouths are). AGW is an academic issue they pick up and put down. It means they have no empathy with those who are concerned with the costs of action. One of the things I failed to convey to ATTP was that the more expensive an issue was to act upon, the more evidence it needs to motivate people and that climate science wasn’t convincing enough.

    Have you noticed the lack of discussion about personal experiences of reducing CO2? Even fat people talk about dieting. They’ve got endless stories of what works and what doesn’t, of how hard it is and how expensive. Where is the equivalent on CO2? Sceptics discuss good energy saving devices, proponents don’t. I regularly skim the proponent sites using Scottish Sceptics uClimate and the articles talking about personal action are just not there. Sure, there are plenty of articles about pressing others to act but I can’t recall a specific one on CO2 reduction, let alone what people are doing.

    They endlessly bitch about businesses and governments but the real source of emitted CO2 is people. Businesses are staffed by people and they’re there to serve people. The public control what companies can spend on CO2 reduction by choosing one product over another. If there was a survey of what people look for in a product, low CO2 during manufacture wouldn’t register. Even governments can’t go much beyond what their people want them to. Proponent blogs should be full of people with loads to say on the issues, if we were even half persuaded cutting CO2 was important. Ironically, the sceptic side it somewhat lacklustre lately because there’s so little to gripe against.

    So no, deleting comments isn’t sinister it’s an admission of failure.

  4. No big conspiracy, just normal teething problems following a website change. Climate Home will continue to be a forum for both sides to debate climate change.

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