The Last Post

last post

This will be the last post at this blog, though it will remain open for comments for a while.

From now on I will be posting at a new new joint blog, called simply Climate Scepticism. The idea is that it is more efficient in terms of writing blog posts, reading blog posts, moderating comments and running a blog to have one joint blog, rather than several individuals running their own.

As far as I know it’s the first genuinely collaborative venture on the sceptical side (several other blogs have guest posts, but with one main blogger). Another novelty is the production of videos, thanks to the talents of Ian Woolley.

A year and a half ago there was some discussion of climate sceptics getting together and getting organised, See WUWT, Bishop Hill and Pointman.
The arguments in favour (presented by Pointman and Geoff Chambers) are that a coordinated effort would be more effective than a disorganised rabble, and that an organisation would be able to provide a spokesman in the unlikely event of the BBC wanting to adhere to its charter obligations by speaking to someone who didn’t think the end of the world was nigh. Arguments against are that climate sceptics tend to be loners who prefer to think for themselves rather than follow a group, that it could be difficult to find common ground for all to agree on, and that an organisation would be a focus for attacks. Although a majority voted Yes in the WUWT poll, nothing seems to have come of this, so effectively the Nos won.
The new blog might be a small step towards such a cooperative organisation, or at least an interesting experiment to see whether a collaboration is effective or completely unworkable.

So if you’ve been following this blog, please start following instead, and adjust your blogrolls and bookmarks accordingly.

8 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Thank you for all you are doing and have done in the past to inform the public about reality. I wish you well on your new venture. I am also trying to get broader participation by posting questions on ResearchGate like this: “Is there any convincing evidence of AGW?”

  2. Already bookmarked Paul. A great idea and I wish the Blog and all its contributors well.

    Unless I am missing something, and as old age set in, I might – the site doesn’t have an email sign-up to signal a new article. This is very useful.

  3. Dave, there should be a little ‘follow’ box that appears in the bottom right hand corner that you can click to get emails of new posts. It’s easy to miss. Let us know if it’s really not there for you.

  4. I will post here because I dont see anywhere to post general comments about the new blog on the blog.

    The home page shows 5 latest enties but no obvious way of alternatively viewing all entries of which there appear to be 8 at the time I make this post.

    Is the recent articles listing on the side bar the only way of seeing a list of all entries? What happens when articles drop off the recent articles list or are no longer “recent”? Will there be an archive viewing option?

  5. Clivere, thanks, these are all good questions and things we need to sort out. The new site does describe itself as “joint ideas under construction”!

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