I am an applied mathematician at the University of Nottingham, with research interests in fluid dynamics, pattern formation, nonlinear systems and numerical methods.

This blog was set up in September 2013 to discuss the 5th report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, but has moved on to other aspects of the climate debate, such as public opinion on climate and climate scepticism.

Moderation policy is being made up as we go along. So far, most comments have been posted, though some very off-topic ones have not been. First-time commenters go into moderation, as do any comments with more than one link, so please be patient.

In case there is any doubt, the opinions expressed on this blog may not represent those of the IPCC.

Paul Matthews

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Matthew, a slightly off-topic question concerning exagerations in press releases: Was there any hint at the conference on a mounting pressure on science, i.e. Scientists and their spokespersons, to communicate more? Do you personally perceive such a pressure or do you feel that scientist should communicate more with the Public in the light of so-called climate sceptics or anti-vaxxers?

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