Thomas Stocker tries to hide the decline

Hilary Ostrov has a post with a video of Thomas Stocker, the co-chair of the IPCC WG1, speaking at the launch of AR5 WG1 in Stockholm at the end of September.

After an introduction, the first graph Stocker shows is the decadally averaged, ‘hide the decline’ graph, the lower half of Fig SPM 1a, that I discussed in an earlier post.

He spends about two minutes on the graph, from about 07:45 to 09:45. At no point in his presentation does he show the actual annual temperature graph (the upper half of Fig 1a), which of course would have shown the levelling out in the last decade.

When I cut out the upper half of the figure for my post on it, I was criticised by Richard Betts for doing so. I wonder if he will join me in criticising Stocker?

Today, Stocker gave a talk at a meeting CORDEX 2013 in Brussels on regional climate change. I wonder if he did the same thing there? This tweet from WMO suggests that he did.

By the way, if you tweet with the hashtag #CORDEX2013, your tweet will appear in the box on the meeting webpage.

Stocker’s slides are here.

8 thoughts on “Thomas Stocker tries to hide the decline

  1. Any bets on whether the AR6 will have a similar graph if temperatures have not risen by then?

  2. Hi Paul

    Yes, I disagree with Stocker’s omission of the annual graph. I’d have said this sooner if you’d actually drawn this to my attention at the time!



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