Greenpeace “scientist” is a golden rice denier

The brazen dishonesty of some activists never ceases to amaze.
This morning, Greenpeace’s “Chief Scientist” Doug Parr was interviewed on the Today Programme (go to about 1:33). [Update: Alex Cull has now produced a transcript.]

The story started with stem cell research, then moved on to golden rice, the topic being introduced by Patrick Moore. Golden rice is engineered to alleviate Vitamin A deficiency, which is a serious problem in many parts of the developing world.

Parr claimed that

“let’s also be clear that it doesn’t actually exist yet”.

As anyone can check, from the Wikipedia article linked above or from numerous other sources, golden rice has existed for a decade or so.

It has undergone trials, some of which have unfortunately been vandalised by those misled by the irresponsible idiocy of people like Doug Parr. The activists who attacked the trial even lied about who had carried out the attack.
It is not yet in widespread use, thanks to the opposition from Greenpeace and others, and according to one study, delay in its implementation has cost over a million life-years in India alone.

gp It’s clear from Greenpeace’s website, with it’s weird picture of a man with a top hat and moustache,  that their objection to golden rice is based on their view that it’s a money-making scheme for (Victorian?) western businessmen – which is incorrect, as philanthropic organisations like the Gates Foundation are now supporting golden rice development.

But why fib about its existence to millions of Radio 4 listeners?

3 thoughts on “Greenpeace “scientist” is a golden rice denier

  1. The physical hooligan gets in the way of people trying to go about their lawful work. The desktop hooligan gets in the way of people looking for the truth about such things as golden rice. Greenpeace. Hired hooligans. Inspiring bored rich kids everywhere. Disgusting everyone else.

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