The new environmental threat – Frapping

Live From Golgafrincham

Live From Golgafrincham is a fairly new blog devoted to campaigning on the important environmental issues of the day. It’s very professionally produced by its intrepid  team of committed activists, and well worth reading.  A recent article on climate denial led to a heated debate, and was picked up by Geoff Chambers at his blog, where LFG’s Marcus Toynboyalé bravely defended his argument against the sceptics in the comments section. Another blogger said that their lists of who to trust “seem quite reasonable”, showing his usual deep insight into climate communication.

LFG also has a twitter account, followed by such worthies as Paul Ehrlich, Jim Prall, UNEP’s Svein Tveitdal and Bristol’s Cabot Institute. 


An important new threat to the environment highlighted by LFG is frapping, see this article written by LFG team member Anthony Giddeys (Anthony’s photo looks vaguely familiar, but I can’t recall where I have seen him before).

Frapping involves the combined evils of the oil and gas industry and the cigarette industry. As Anthony explains, the toxic and environmentally damaging gases produced  from e-cigarettes are forced into shale rock to split it and release gas. What’s even worse, I have discovered (Anthony Giddeys does not mention this), is that some of these gases are then used in the manufacture of more e-cigarettes, leading to the nightmare of a vicious circle of climate change and health problems. There are also the threats of tap water catching fire and earthquakes – see the pictures on the LFG page that show  how real the problem is, and how worried people are about it.

Who’s behind frapping?

Like most of the world’s problems, frapping originated in the USA, but there’s a real threat that it could take off over here too.  Frapping is supported and coordinated by a sinister but well organised and lavishly funded network of right-wing, evil science deniers. This underground conspiracy is ruthlessly exposed in a new book “Merchants of Snout”, by highly respected Californian social scientist Nancy Opuhlese.  She has uncovered a clear and well documented trail linking the Koch brothers, the Murdoch empire, fossil fuel companies, cigarette companies, right-wing think tanks and a few rogue physicists to frapping. Unfortunately some of this well documented funding is ‘untraceable’ so Opuhlese is unable to provide full details.

Notorious anti-science contrarians Judith Tikka Masala and Dodger Dealker have also been accused of spreading misinformation about frapping.

The threat, public opinion and action

If frapping is not stopped, computer models by a Nobel Prize-winning climate scientist have shown that the world will literally explode in the year 2036, due to build-up of the inflammable gases.

Public awareness of the frapping threat is low, but a new paper by Angle, Whiplash and Wigeon shows how public engagement on this issue can be enhanced if it is given the correct epistemological framing.   A survey by Jellycooker et al. has found that 97% of Greenpeace activists agree that frapping is a bad thing.

This seems to be an issue that needs much more publicity – let’s hope that the Guardian or  38 degrees pick the story up soon.   Remember that we’re up against powerful forces. That’s why it’s so important that people add their names to LFG’s long and growing list of people saying no to frapping.


7 thoughts on “The new environmental threat – Frapping

  1. Some interesting new leads, Paul. We hadn’t heard of Snout – straight on our Amazon wishlist for that. Similarly Masala and Dealker: where do these people get off? What bus are they even on in fact?

    Brilliant work – so important to get the message out there and spreading.

  2. Oh come on! This contains so many errors it’s not funny. Frapping doesn’t use stuff from the e cigarette industry at all. The clue’s in the name dummy. It’s all organic leftovers from well known coffee shops. The biggest frapping company Tarbucks have just done a deal with a well known supermarket that gives away a free coffee and newspaper for members. The worst that could happen is your tap water might taste faintly of expensive coffee. The poor might be a bit confused because they won’t recognise it. They’re thinking of using leftover builders tea Up North or alternatively bribing protestors with a free whippet. The PR guys are calling them ‘frippets for happy frappers’.

    Please get your facts right.

  3. TinyCO2, thanks, clearly there’s a lot of confusion about frapping, but remember, the important thing is to get protesting about it first – the facts of exactly what it is can wait till later (this goes for Robin’s comment too). You may be right – on twitter somebody said that one of the by-products of frapping was a toxic substance called frappucino.

  4. How could the writer (and all previous commenters, I note with considerable alarm) have failed to mention the greatest threat to the future of our planet that incontrovertibly will ensue as a consequence of this unprecedented increase in frapping?

    But I suspect that you may have been overly influenced by a powerful group of over-funded anti-felines (OFAF). There is clearly observable evidence that the OFAFs have embarked on a campaign to suppress the reporting of a rapidly approaching tipping-point due to the silent but deadly menace presented by unabated and unmitigated Frapaddles.

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