Professor Sir Bob Ward wins Nobel Prize

Congratulations to Bob.

Yesterday the BBC World Service described Bob Ward as a climate scientist.

Then Andrea Sella described him as a professor.

Today, Spiegel Magazine says he’s an IPCC author.


Update 27 March:

Mark Steyn, in his commentary on the BBC Curry/Ward debate, also referred to Professor Ward, and then put in an update to correct this. Now he’s written another post, Should I Sue Bob Ward For Libel? linking to here.

Also, Alex Cull has produced a transcript of the BBC World service slot with Curry and Ward.

4 thoughts on “Professor Sir Bob Ward wins Nobel Prize

  1. Axel Bojanowski has slightly edited the article at Spiegel. The original version said
    “Ein anderer IPCC-Autor kritisiert den Rücktritt: Tols Kritik sei zu spät gekommen, erst nach dem Begutachtungsprozess, erklärt Bob Ward”
    (Another IPCC author criticizes the resignation: Tol’s critique had come too late, after the review process, explains Bob Ward)

    Now it says
    “Ein anderer IPCC-Forscher” (another IPCC researcher)
    which is still wrong, unless anyone who looks at the IPCC reports is an IPCC researcher.

    The next paragraph starts
    “Beide Forscher…” (Both researchers)
    which is misleading. Tol has over 200 research publications in academic journals, while Ward has a small handful and is primarily a spin doctor not a researcher.

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