IPCC WG2 SPM ramps up the alarm

IPCC Working Group 2, “Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability” is currently meeting to finalise its Summary for Policymakers (SPM), which will be published in a few days time (discussed in this BBC report which says that Richard Tol has asked for his name to be removed because of the increasing alarmism).

The draft SPM was leaked last November. Now there is a new leaked version, which is the November version plus some edits marked in blue.

The edits are interesting, showing a ramping up of alarm and a down-playing of adaptation in favour of mitigation (ironically, the opposite of what Andrew Lilico is claiming in the Telegraph).

In the AR4 WG2 SPM (2007), the word ‘mitigation’ only appears 6 times, while ‘adaptation’ appears about 35 times. In the new document,  there seems to be more emphasis on mitigation alongside adaptation (recall that mitigation is supposed to be the remit of WG3).

Here are a few of the edits, all from the first 5 pages:

Insertion of ‘limits to adaptation’

Insertion of alarmist definiton of ‘hazard’

Deletion of statement saying present ill health due to climate is relatively small

Insertion of claim that droughts, floods and cyclones are climate-related (apparently contradicting WG1).

Can readers find other examples? Or examples of where the edits downplay alarm?

9 thoughts on “IPCC WG2 SPM ramps up the alarm

  1. To be fair, in your final example, those events are described as ‘climate-related’ (and not as ‘climate-change-related’). I’ve not read the context, but that paragraph seems to be saying that vulnerability to extreme ‘climate-related’ events is a problem for many countries. As that has been true for all of human history, I don’t see too much to argue with in that statement.

  2. Via twitter, Andrew Lilico explains that his comments were based on the previous leaked version of the SPM. He also says that his arguments about a changing approach (away from mitigation, towards adaptation) are also based on other factors such as the recent budget.

  3. “TRUST us”, the alarmists say. Yet their lack of integrity is one of the most obvious things that weakens their case. If it were rock solid then they wouldn’t need this continuous supply of tricks.
    “TRUST this science guy” they chant. What that guy, who failed to speak up about these obvious tricks ?
    – They’ve kicked the scientific method is the dustbin, so harming the TRUST we had in science… It’s so sickening.

  4. oh, I should speak up about Nollyprotts’s link. Steady on mate.. Shouting conspiracy is no good , when you have no evidence. That link is all about a secret agenda to reduce human population by letting the weak suffer, yet it presents no concrete evidence of “Green Holocaust”.
    – However I have no problem with him using the dramatic terms in a blog post like “Eco-fascist”, or “Eco-nazis”, cos there is evidence for those analogies, when green groups try to shut down free-speech and usurp democracy.

  5. The scientists believe that the most powerful natural cause of Climate Change and Global Warming (the millennial interglacial warmup) is the orbital changes of the Earth around the sun. They seem to be concerned that because of greenhouse gasses, we are not entering into the glacial cooling period, as rapidly as we should.

    Environmentalists are quite concerned about the extinction of the spotted whatever due to greenhouse gasses’ effects. They ignore that the current average Earth temperature is still 3 to 4 degrees centigrade COOLER than the normal naturally occurring high temperature of every interglacial warmup of the past 450,000 years, yet they fear monger about the need to stop the next 2 degrees of warmup.

    Missing from their discussion is the fact that some 80% of all species (animal, plant, fish, microbes) will become extinct when the average Earth temperature drops 15 degrees centigrade during the coming glacial cooling cycle, resulting in a mile deep glacier over Washington DC. This cooling will eliminate much of the land available for food production and drastically shorten growing seasons causing massive widespread human starvation.

    It just may be, if there is any truth to the greenhouse effect, that these environmental tragedies may be prevented. However, I do like the idea of a mile deep glacier over Washington DC to freeze government spending.

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