Third evidence session for IPCC Review

A transcript is now available for the second evidence session (11 Feb) of the IPCC 5th Assessment Review being conducted by the Energy and Climate Change Committee. Points of interest included the failure of Emily Shuckburgh to answer Peter Lilley’s question about whether the warming slowdown had influenced confidence, the subsequent spat between Lilley and the Chairman Tim Yeo,  some quite detailed discussion of initial conditions and of ice cover, James Painter’s comments about a slight decrease in public concern over climate, and a substantial discussion of economic policy, discount rates etc.

Today, there is a third session of evidence, involving DECC and the Chief Scientific Adviser Mark Walport:


Panel 1, at 9.30am:

  • Professor David MacKay, Chief Scientific Adviser, DECC
  • Professor Sir Mark Walport, Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Panel 2, at 10.30am:

  • Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP, Minister of State, DECC
  • David Warrilow, Head of Climate Science and International Evidence, DECC

Timings are approximate.

Purpose of Session

The session will explore a range of issues, including:

  • Using climate models for policy
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • The IPCC in relation to the 4th Carbon Budget
  • National and international climate change policies

This third session seems to be diverging further from the original terms of reference  of the inquiry, and becoming less relevant to the recently published IPCC AR5 WG1 report, since the WG1 report is on the core science and has nothing to do with policy or mitigation/adaptation strategies.

It is discussed at this Bishop Hill post, with follow-up posts  here and here.  The BBC seems to have lost interest – it’s not covered on BBC parliament or BBC Democracy Live, as the previous sessions were.

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