How the IPCC hid the good news on global warming

Nicholas Lewis and Marcel Crok have written a report “Oversensitive: How the IPCC hid the good news on global warming”. There are two versions – a 44-page report and a longer one with 72 pages.

The Report was supposed to be released today but it seems to have been sitting on the GWPF website for a few days.

The main conclusions of the report are that the IPCC exaggerated the climate sensitivity in its 4th (2007) report, and then its 5th (2013) report tried to hide away the more recent results indicating a lower sensitivity (for example by failing to give a best estimate for climate sensitivity). The IPCC also puts too much weight on models, and too little on observational data.

The conclusion states that
“the best evidence suggests climate sensitivity is close to the reduced, 1.5C, lower bound.”

It’s discussed at Bishop Hill, Climate Lab Book, Climate etc, WUWT.

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