Final report, drafts and review comments

The IPCC media page has a link to a document announcing that the final complete version of the AR5 WG1 report will be published online tomorrow, Jan 30th. This version will incorporate minor corrections and adjustments to make the main report fully consistent with the agreed Summary for Policymakers.

At the same time the IPCC will also be releasing the first and second order drafts (that have already been extensively leaked), along with all the review comments and the WG1 author responses to the review comments.

For AR4, review comments and responses can be found here, but they are not in a very friendly format. Let’s hope that the AR5 version is better.

There will also be a press conference, at 1.30 UK time.


2 thoughts on “Final report, drafts and review comments

  1. The full final version of the report is here.
    But it is all in one very large pdf file, 375MB and 1535 pages.

    The final version divided up into more digestible chapters is here.

    The reviewer comments and author responses to the comments are here, along with the reports from the review editors.

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