Main AR5 WG1 Report published

The main body of the AR5 WG1 Report has been published today, Sep 30th, as promised.

This consists of the version of the report written in June 2013, following the second round of review comments, together with a few minor corrections, listed in the document labelled Changes to the Underlying Scientific/Technical Assessment (IPCC-XXVI/Doc.4). These corrections are to make the main report consistent with the SPM released on Friday.

There is a note saying that

The Final Draft Report has to be read in conjunction with the document entitled “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the IPCC 5th Assessment Report – Changes to the Underlying Scientific/Technical Assessment” to ensure consistency with the approved Summary for Policymakers (IPCC-XXVI/Doc.4) and presented to the Panel at its Thirty-Sixth Session. This document lists the changes necessary to ensure consistency between the full Report and the Summary for Policymakers, which was approved line-by-line by Working Group I and accepted by the Panel at the above-mentioned Sessions.

Unfortunately, the Changes document linked above doesn’t make much sense at all, and seems to contain a lot of mistakes.

It says that

Note that page and line numbers for the SPM and underlying report below are all based on the numbering used in the final drafts as distributed to governments on 7 June 2013.

So to make sense of this you need access to the documents distributed to governments on 7 June – which have not been made public!  However, since the final draft just released is dated 7 June, presumably this is the same thing.

Some mistakes in the changes document:

  • The first change refers to Ch 2 p 2 line 21, which doesn’t exist. I think it means p 4 line 21. Similarly the second entry.
  • The fifth and sixth changes refer to Ch 2 p 2 line 38 and 39.  I think this should be page 38, page 39.
  • Towards the end it refers to SPM tables up to Table SPM.7. But the SPM only has 3 tables and the draft version only had 2.  Perhaps it means figures rather than tables.

I suppose this shows that the stories of IPCC delegates being over-tired and not getting enough sleep were all true.

6 thoughts on “Main AR5 WG1 Report published

  1. What a dogs breakfast!

    You’d think the staff/scientists could have spent a couple of days editing and avoided all this nonsense. Obviously, with propaganda value at risk, delay can’t be tolerated.

  2. This is a very useful blog, Paul!

    If anyone is looking for detection and attribution, it is in Chapter 10 “Detection and Attribution of Climate Change: from Global to Regional” – the link has been mislabeled on the IPCC site with the title of chapter 11.

  3. Billy Liar

    Your comment just goes to show that you can’t please everyone!

    The reason for releasing the chapters soon after the SPM, prior to copy-editting, was to enable people to see the evidence and understanding that underpins the SPM. In previous IPCC reports, there has been a delay of several months between the release of the SPM (immediately after its approval) and the release of the underlying chapters. A whole range of people including Steve McIntyre and Mark Lynas pointed out that this was poor practice – the evidence underpinning the conclusions should be available for scrutiny. The IPCC recognised this, and changed their policy accordingly.

    The release of the chapters is definitely not for propaganda – it’s for openness.

  4. Your comment seems to miss the point Richard. As an engineer who frequently has to produce presentations backed by lengthy separate technical reports it is my responsibility to ensure that BOTH the presentation AND the technical reports are up to scratch on the due date. In our industry our jobs and reputations depend on it. No excuses are accepted.

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