Media and blog coverage

There has of course been a flurry of interest in the media and on blogs about the upcoming IPCC AR5 report. Here is a partial (in both senses) overview.


Newsnight 24th Sept

Overall, a fairly balanced piece.  Paxman said there was a lot that the scientists don’t know, giving ammunition to those who say the whole thing has been overblown. Introduction from Susan Watts said what the report is going to say and mentioned the difficulty over  the slowdown.  In pre-recorded clips, Ed Hawkins insisted that warming had not stopped, using the excuses of volcanoes, the sun and the deep ocean heat, while Myles Allen played with little pieces of coal on a table. Live in the studio, Emily Shuckburgh was given a hard time by Paxman. Tsonis said the science isn’t settled and we need to understand natural variation better.  There’s then an interview with Lord Stern, tedious except for the marvellous Paxman Sneer at 34:09.

BBC News 23rd Sept

This David Shukman item ran on the 6pm and 10pm BBC news.  An oceanographer named Brian King claimed that ocean warming of 1/100th of a degree would have a significant effect on the atmosphere. Unusually for the BBC, a short (27 sec) excerpt with sceptical blogger Andrew Montford was shown.


Starting with three from last Sunday’s papers –

Jonathan Leake, Sunday Times. Don’t Panic. Global warming has shrunk.

Will Hutton, Observer. To fight climate change, we must trust scientific truth and collective action.

Christopher Booker.  The ice is not melting, yet still the scaremongers blunder on.

Spiegel.   Warming Plateau? Climatologists Face Inconvenient Truth

Spectator.  Finally, the IPCC has toned down its climate change alarm. Can rational discussion now begin?

Shari Miller, Mail. Climate scientists insist global warming hasn’t stopped, it’s just on a break as they prepare to release report designed to salvage their reputation.

Matt McGrath, BBC .  Global warming pause ‘central’ to IPCC climate report.

Matt McGrath again.  Five key questions about climate facing the IPCC.

Spiked.  Global warming and the chilling of politics.


Steve McIntyre has come out of apparent semi-retirement to comment on how the IPCC addresses the disparity between models and observations.

Pointman: Armageddon report no 5. I sometimes find it hard to see exactly what Pointman is saying, but he does have a way with words:  “You spin or ignore whatever the tedious coneheads have produced copious volumes of and the summary becomes your bitch.”

Spectator blog: Climatology’s great dilemma. How to talk about the slowdown in warming?

James Delingpole draws attention to the increasing confidence of the IPCC as warming has slowed down.

I’m sure there is loads more. Suggestions?

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